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Xbox 360′s class-leading warranty extended again to cover E74 errors

News, XBOX 360 - by - April 14, 2009 - 12:13 UTC - 2 Comments

Yep, once again it’s been extended. If you have a 360 and it’s dead you can send it in if you received the E74 error. I had this happen a few weeks ago, but my XBOX360 recovered or at least I thought it did. Well now I can’t seem to complete a download on XBOX Live, or use automatic network detection. Looks like there is an answer to my woes and I don’t have to pay for this time…Yeah Microsoft.

According to Joystiq as well as Google Trends, there’s been a steady rise in reports and discussion of the E74 error since mid-October, with no apparent correlation between any specific model or year of purchase. From what we can tell, the E74 error is related to video problems caused by either a faulty AV connector or, more often, a loosened ANA / HANA scaling chip. Symptoms include visual glitches like random lines or snow and a single red light on the console in the lower right quadrant.(See Pic Below)


Either way it goes Microsoft is going to foot the bill for this issue and try to keep consumer confidence strong as yet another kick to the USB ports lands firmly on the XBOX360.

Here are a couple of useful links so you don’t have to search through Xbox Support on how to get your claim submitted:

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