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Rowling Reviels Pottermore

By - June 23, 2011 - 14:02 UTC - Be first to Comment!

Rowling Reviels Pottermore Preview Image

J. K. Rowling announced via YouTube that the long awaited  ”Pottermore” website will be an interactive experience designed to immerse the fans fully into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The way it works is you work your way through the book series, but in this version you add your identity to the universe.  This of if as a choose your own adventure book online.  The experience will be interacting with other fans and shaping the stories through your involvement in the world.

As always J.K promised to open the Pandora’s box of  she’s been hoarding for years, so it’s going to be good stuff and I can’t wait.  The other little thing that’s going to be a huge thing is she’s releasing all the books via Ebook format, so bad news for Kindle users since the Amazon Kindle doesn’t except Epub format.

Could this force Amazon to open up the Kindle to Epub?  Only time will tell but I’m pretty sure they will.  J. K. Rowling’s is too big not to take advantage.   More updates as they come.  Also check out http://pottermorefans.org for the latest updates on PotterMore.

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